Greco-Roman Wrestling World Cup 2010 in Armenia

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A little late in reporting this, but earlier this month the Greco-Roman Wrestling World Cup 2010 saw the outcome repeated from the 2009 championship. The national team of Iran won the first prize, with Turkey in second place and Armenia winning bronze. Yerevan, Armenia. February 14th, 2010.

On the first competition day, Iranian wrestlers defeated Cubans 4:3. Turks beat Hungarians while Russians overpowered Georgians, both 6:1.

Armenians inflicted a 7:0 defeat on the Scandinavian team.

The national team of Iran won the first prize, with Turkey coming second and Armenia winning bronze, repeating the 2009 success.

On the next day, in the seventh fight, Armenia’s Yuri Patrikeev (w/c 120 kg) beat Russia’s Alexander Yunoshkin. So, defeating Russians 4:3 in the team event, Armenian wrestlers came third, following Iran and Turkey.

The tournament winners received money awards: $50 000, $30 000 and $20 000 respectively.

Teams from Armenia, Russia, Iran, Hungary, Cuba, Turkey, Georgia and a team from Scandinavian countries participated.

All the results can be found here.


Judo Grand Prix Düsseldorf Results

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German Heide Wollert (78kg) and Egyptian Islam El Shehaby (+100kg) were the only non-oriental judoka to go in the highest step of the podium in the last day of competition in Düsseldorf.

All other gold medals went to Asia, with Jae-Bum Kim (KOR, 81kg), Yuya Yoshida (JPN, 90kg), Takamasa Anai (JPN, 100kg), Mina Watanabe (JPN, 70kg) and Megumi Tachimoto (JPN, +78kg) winning the remaining categories. Altogether, however, an expressive number of 24 out of 45 participating nations came home with medals (seven becoming gold). And 206 from the 338 combats finished by ippon, the highest score.



-81 kg:
1. Jae-Bum Kim, KOR
2. Euan Burton, GBR
3. Robert Krawczyk, POL
3. Dae-Nam Song, KOR
5. Safouane Attaf, MAR
5. Emmanuel Lucenti, ARG
5. Shokir Muminov, UZB
5. Siarhei Shundzikau, BLR

-90 kg:
1. Yuya Yoshida, JPN
2. Nabiev Khurshid, UZB
3. Timur Bolat, KAZ
3. Dilshod Choriev, UZB
5. Marvin De La Croes, NED
5. Elkhan Mammadov, AZE
5. Hesham Mesbah, EGY
5. Daiki Nishiyama, JPN

-100 kg:
1. Takamasa Anai, JPN
2. Lukas Krpalek, CZE
3. Luciano Correa, BRA
3. Elco Van Der Geest, BEL
5. Benjamin Behrla, GER
5. Hee-Tae Hwang, KOR
5. Daviti Loriashvili, GEO
5. Roman Polosin, RUS

+100 kg:
1. Islam El Shehaby, EGY
2. Keiji Suzuki, JPN
3. Zviadi Khanjaliashvili, GEO
3. Robert Zimmermann, GER
5. Anis Chedly, TUN
5. Lasha Gujejiani, GEO
5. Sung-Min Kim, KOR
5. Renat Saidov, RUS

Full Event Results can be found here.

Iran wins 2010 Greco-Roman World Cup in Armenia

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Iran’s Greco-Roman national wrestling team were crowned the champs in the 2010 Greco-Roman World Cup for the first time in history.

The Iranian wrestlers won the final round of the competitions in Armenia with a 4-3 victory against Turkey on Sunday evening to clinch the title.

Mohammad Faghiri in the 55 kilogram, Omid Noroozi (60 kg), Saeed Abd-e-Vali (66 kg) and Amir Ali-Akbari (96 kg) were the Iranian athletes who snatched victories for Iran while Hamid Reihani, Habib Akhlaghi and Bashir Babajanzadeh in the 74, 84 and 120-kg categories respectively were defeated by their Turkish rivals.

Turkey stood second and the host Armenia placed  third.

A total of eight teams including Georgia, Turkey, Russia, Hungary, Iran, Cuba and a Nordic team took part in the 2010 Greco-Roman Wrestling World Cup in Yerevan on February 12-14.

Results: Paris Grand Slam 2010 (Judo)

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This past weekend, the International Judo Federation made their first stop on the Grand Slam tour circuit with an event in Paris France.

The French fans packed Bercy with over 10,000 in attendance and were not disappointed when their biggest star was crowned again: Teddy Riner, only 20 years old, won his third consecutive title in the heavyweights at the IJF Paris Grand Slam.

Elco van der Geest (100kg), who now competes under the flag of Belgium after a life long time fighting for Holland. won his first medal in the Paris tournament.

Still in the male divisions, Takashi Ono (JPN) reigned in the 90kg category, his third consecutive Grand Slam win (after Moscow 2009 and Tokyo 2009). In Paris 2009, he won silver.

In the 70kg Woman’s division, Lucie Decosse of France continued her stellar career performance. The gold won on the mat in the home country was the sixth for her collection, as she already has the ones from 2001-04-06-08-09.

Out of 226 fights, 132 ended with ippon (58%) in the male divisions, while out of 142 combats, 91 finished by ippon (64%). Seven contests were decided by hansokumake (disqualification) due to leg grabbing. A total of 19 countries (out of 55) won medals.

The full results can be found here. You can watch video here of the +100kg Mens Finals100kg Mens Final and -90kg Mens Finals.

The next IJF World Circuit event will be the Grand Prix in Dusseldorf/GER, on the 20-21 February.

Weight Class Final Standings (Men)
1. RINER, Teddy    (FRA)

2. VUIJSTERS, Grim    (NED)
3. KIM, Sung-Min    (KOR)
3. PADAR, Martin    (EST)

-100kg 1. VAN DER GEEST, Elco    (BEL)
2. SAMOYLOVICH, Sergey    (RUS)
3. PETERS, Dimitri    (GER)
3. TSIREKIDZE, Irakli    (GEO)
-90kg 1. ONO, Takashi    (JPN)
2. CHORIEV, Dilshod    (UZB)
3. BENIKHLEF, Amar    (ALG)
3. CAMILO, Tiago    (BRA)
-81kg 1. GUILHEIRO, Leandro    (BRA)
2. TSIKLAURI, Levan    (GEO)
3. STEVENS, Travis    (USA)
3.  JEANNIN, Antoine    (FRA)
-73kg 1. WANG, Ki-Chun    (KOR)
2. AKIMOTO, Hiroyuki    (JPN)
3. AWANO, Yasuhiro    (JPN)
3. IBRAGIMOV, Rinat    (KAZ)
60kg 1. KIM, Joo-Jin    (KOR)
2. SANJAASUREN, Miaragchaa    (MGL)
3. HASHBAATAR, Tsagaanbaatar    (MGL)
3. LAROSE, David    (FRA)
-60kg 1. ASUMBANI, David    (GEO)
2. SOBIROV, Rishod    (UZB)
3. DRAGIN, Dimitri    (FRA)
3. FUKUOKA, Masaaki    (JPN)

DEEP X 05 Video Promo

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DEEP X 05 Video Package (Shinjuku FACE Tokyo – February 6th, 2010)
Check the card here.

Interntional Judo Federation: Grand Slam – Paris (Feb.6-7, 2010)

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The International Judo Federation’s next big competition is the “Grand Slam – Paris” which takes places on February 6-7th, 2010 from Paris France.

K-1 Impact! KO Highlights Vol.6

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K-1 has just released volume 6 of their excellent “K-1 Impact! KO Highlight” series.

[K-1 Impact! KO Highlights Vol.6: Lineup]

1. Patrick Smith vs. Andy Hug
(1994.4.30 / K-1 Grand Prix ’94)

2. Fuji Chalmsak vs. Arslan Magomedov
(2004.2.24 / K-1 World Max 2004 Japan Tournament)

3. Ernesto Hoost vs. Maurice Smith
(1993.4.30 / K-1 Grand Prix ’93)

4. Kobirumaki Shida (then: Takayuki) vs. Kaolan Kaovichit
(2002.5.11 / K-1 World Max 2002 Final)

5. Mike Zambidis vs. Satoru Suzuki
(2005.10.12 / K-1 World Max 2005 Champions’ Challenge)

6. Branko Cikatić vs. Andre Mannaart
(1994.4.30 / K-1 Grand Prix ’94)

7. Takehiro Murahama vs. Hiroyuki Abe
(2003.3.1 / K-1 World Max 2003 Japan Tournament)

8. Yasuhiro Kazuya vs Serkan Yilmaz
(2004.2.24 / K-1 World Max 2004 Japan Tournament)

99. Jerome Le Banner vs Masaaki Satake
(1995.5.4 / K-1 Grand Prix ’95 Final)

10. Albert Kraus vs Andy Souwer
(2003.7.5 / K-1 World Max 2003 Final)