Preview: K-1 ColliZIon WGP Hungary 2010 (Feb.6.2010)

The matches for the ColliZion K-1 MAX Europe GP have been announced. The event takes place on Saturday February 6th from the 12,500 seat Papp László Sport Arena in Budapest Hungary. The card not only features the K-1 MAX Europe GP between Philippe Salmon (25-4-0), Vörös Roland (65-16-0),  Mihai Barbu (16-5-0) and Frane Radnic (73-12-0) but also a pro-boxing match, a slew of K-1 superfights and an MMA superfight.

ColliZion K-1 MAX Europe GP
Place: Budapest, Papp László Sport Arena
Date: February 6th, 2010

ColliZion K-1 MAX Europe GP ~ FINAL
16. Winner Salmon/Roland  vs. Winner Barbu/Radnic

K-1 Superfight
15. Freddy Kemayo (52-15-1) (France) vs Andreas Hoftun (Norway)
14. Catalin Morosanu (20-4-2) (Romania) vs Deutsch N. Pu’u (2-0-0) (United States)
13. Revanho Blokland (Netherlands) vs Patrick Berger (Austria)

WAKO Italian-Hungarian European League
12. 81kg: Marco Santi (Italy) vs Busai Gergely (Hungary)

MMA Super Fight
11. Aubéli Ottó (Hungary) vs TBA

K-1 Max Superfight
10. Ionut Atodiresei (Romania) vs TBA

ColliZion K-1 MAX Europe GP
09. Philippe Salmon (25-4-0) (France) vs Vörös Roland (65-16-0) (Hungary)
08. Mihai Barbu (16-5-0) (Romania) vs Frane Radnic (73-12-0) (Croatia)

Professional Boxing Match
07. Kótai Mihály (Hungary) – Thomas Hengstberger (Austria)

WPKC Professional European Champion Title Match
06. Nagy Tibor (Hungary) vs TBA

WAKO Italian-Hungarian European League
05. 63,5kg: Alessandro Orella (Italy) vs Görbics Gábor (Hungary)
04. 71kg: Damiano Poletti (I)taly vs Józsa Ádám (Hungary)

ColliZion K-1 MAX Europe GP
03. Reserve: Balogh Norbert (Hungary) vs Vulics József (Hungary)

WAKO Italian-Hungarian European League
02. 91kg: Domenico Avella (Italy) vs Zentai Máté (Hungary)
01. 67kg: Tiziano Mascoli (Italy) vs Oli Márk (Hungary)

Opening fight
00. Kulacsik Mirko (Hungary) vs Paulovits Máté (Hungary)



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2 Responses to “Preview: K-1 ColliZIon WGP Hungary 2010 (Feb.6.2010)”

  1. I think You should write Hungary instead of Hungry… of course if You wanted to say that all those fighters are hungry for a win, then I apologize… But the name of the country is, again: Hungary

    • uggh, yes you are correct. although i’m sure most fighters are hungry for the win, they are indeed from Hungary. it’s all fixed now. thanks for the heads up 🙂

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