RISE 61 – Results (Jan.24.2010)

K-1 MAX fighter HINATA defeated Korean Doo Suk Oh in the main event of the 1/24 RISE 61 event at the Shinjuku Face in Tokyo Japan.

3A-LIFE presents RISE 61
Place: Shinjuku Face, Tokyo Japan
Date: Sunday January 24th, 2010

[-70kg 3min×3R(EX1R)]
HANATA beat Doo Suk Oh (R4) via 3-0 Decision

[- 65kg contract 3min×3R (EX1R)]
YUKI beat Shunsuke Oish (R4) via 3-0 Decision

[-55kg 3min×3R(EX1R)]
Takayuki Umehara beat Shinya Nito (R4) via 3-0 Decision

[-65kg 3min×3R(EX1R)]
Daisuke Komiyama beat SATOSHI (R2 2:27) via KO

[-65kg 3min×3R(EX1R)]
Yuto Watanabe beat Hiroshi Kuniyasu (R4) via 3-0 Decision

[-60kg 3min×3R(EX1R)]
Kurata Mitsutoshi beat Mahara Masaru (R4) via 3-0 Decision

[-60kg 3min×3R]
Hanada Hazime beat Nakaegawa (R3 0:46) via KO

[Heavyweight 3min × 3R]
Kengo Shimizu beat Hukuda Yuuhei (R1 2:07) via KO

[Heavyweight 3min × 3R]
Raoumaru beat Hiroshi Yoshizawa (R2 2:25) via KO

[-65kg 3min × 3R]
3014 beat Gotou Akira (R3 1:02) via KO


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