Preview: K-1 Kick Tournament 2010 in Marseilles (Jan.29.2010)

On January 29, 2010 the K-1 Kick Tournament will take place from the Salle Vallier de Marseille in France. This year two tournaments are scheduled. A Heavyweight tournament featuring the 2009 Kick Tournament winner and European Champion of French Boxing Fabrice Aurieng (64-4-0). Cyril Assentio (13-3-0) who was the 2009 winner of Tournament All-Stars KICK BOXING, Nicolas Wamba (40-5-0) the 2008 Champion of France in 2008 Kickboxing Elite +91 kg class A and the Brazilian Goncalo Salgado (12-2-0) who is the WAKO Portuguese Champion.

The second tournament is the “Official K1 J-MAX Qualification”. It features Franck Abejon (10-3-0), the European Champion K1 Rules 2009 Jose Barradas (58-18-0), former world champion Johnny Tancray (75-19-0) and Mirza Hodzic (22-6-0).

In additional to the tournaments, a STAR-FIGHT is scheduled between Belgium’s Frederic Sinistra (45-5-0) and the French fighter Rani Berbachi (106-17-0). Sinistra was the semi finalist at the 2008 Kick Tournament and fought in last years SHOWTIME series. Berbachi is a former WFKB World Champion was a K-1 Italy 2001 finalist.

K-1 Kick Tournament 2010 in Marseilles
Place: Salle Vallier de Marseille, France
Date: January 29th, 2010

[Heavyweight STAR-FIGHT]
Frederic Sinistra 45-5-0 (Belgium) vs. Rani Berbachi 106-17-0 (France)

[Heavyweight Tournament – K1 Rules]
Fabrice Aurieng – 64-4-0 (France)
Cyril Assentio – 13-3-0 (France)
Nicolas Wamba – 40-5-0 (France)
Goncalo Salgado – 12-2-0 (Brazil )

[Tournament K-1 JMAX Qualification -71Kg]
Franck Abejon – 10-3-0 (France)
Johnny Tancray – 75-19-0 (France)
Mirza Hodzic – 22-6-0 (France)
Jose Barradas – 58-18-0 (Portugal)

[Prestige Fights]
Fabien Vichi 30-10-0 (France) vs. Maximo Barron 25-10-0 (Italy)
Michael 27-5-0 Adamandopoulos (France) vs. Michael Mocci 19-8-0 (France)
Yoan Havan 40-6-0 (France) vs. Florent Martins 8-7-0 (France)


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