K-1 Fighter: Takashi Tachikawa Retirement @ 1.25.2010 “Survivor ~ Round.3” Event

Former baseball player turned K-1 figher Takashi Tachikawa, 35, had a retirement match at yesterday’s Surviror’s event “Takashi Tachikawa Retirement Survivor”. He faced formr K-1 Heavyweight Champion, Kyotaro but the match ended with no winner (I think the match was more for show then actual competition). During the post fight ceremoney, popular pro-wrestler Yuji Nagata joined in. Tachikawa was heart filled and addressed the fans saying he had decided to retire after his last match and that he had been plauged by injury.

Former New Japan Kickboxing Federation Flyweight Champion KENJI had a 1st round KO over Yoshida Susumu.

Survivor ~Round.3 ~ Takashi Tachikawa Retirement
Place: Shinjuku FACE
Date: January 25th, 2010

[Takashi Tachikawa Retirement Special Commemorative Exhibition Match – 2Minx2R]
─ Tachikawa Takashi
─ Kyotaro (Keijiro Maeda) – (Dragon Team / Former K-1 Heavyweight Champion)
No Winner

[55kg – 3Minx3R + 3Minx1R]
○ KENJI (NJKF former flyweight champion, WPMO former world flyweight champion)
× Yoshida Susumu
1R 1’40 “KO (right hook)

[Special Exhibition Match – 2Minx2R]
─ Yuta Kubo (WPMO former world super-featherweight champion, Krush Lightweight Grand Prix 2009 Runner-up)
─ Haruaki Otsuki (WPKC Association lightweight champion Muay Thai former World lightweight champion)
No Winner

[62kg – 3Minx3R + 3Minx1R]
○ Kizaemon Saiga
× Yoshihiro Shiraga (2009 Karate Association New Year runner-lightweight K-2)
Decision 3-0 (30-29 / 30-28 / 30-28)

[65kg – 3Minx3R + 3Minx1R]
× Takehiro Murahama
3R 1’07 “KO

[75kg – 3Minx3R + 3Minx1R]
Ken Mun
Charlie Horst

[72kg – 3Minx3R + 3Minx1R]
× Masanori Takekawa
○ Yosuke Tamura
1R 1’32 “KO


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