DREAM.13 Press Conference

FEG/DREAM held a press conference today from the Metropolitan Hotel to officially confirm that DREAM Featherweight Champion Bibiano Fernandes (7-2-0) will meet former Lightweight champion Joachim Hansen (19-8-1) at DREAM.13. Also on hand at the press-conference was former PRIDE and UFC veteran Ryo Chonan (16-10-0) who will make his debut at DREAM.13.

DREAM summed up their 2010 schedule with shows planned in March, April (South Korea), May, July, September, and November. A Light Heavyweight GP consisting of 8 or 16 fighters is planned and the Middleweight and Heavyweight champions will also be crowned. The Heavyweight Champion will not be decided via a GP, just a single fight which is likely to include Alistair Overeem (32-11-1).

There was also some talk of co-promotional events this year with World Victory Road and Strikeforce.

DREAM.13. takes place on Monday March 22nd, 2010 from the 17,000 seat Yokohama Arena.

First Press Conference of DREAM.13 (March.22.2010 / Yokohama Arena, Japan).
Attendance : Ryo Chonan, FEG Mr.Tanikawa, DREAM EP Mr.Sasahara
Language: Japanese


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