Preview: It’s Showtime: Edition 40 ~ Budapest (Apr.17.2010)

IT’S SHOWTIME with run their “40th Edition” event on April 17th, 2010 from Budapest. After last year’s success, IT’S SHOWTIME sets up another big event in Hungary this year. Anderson “Braddock” Silva (28-2-1) had a busy 2009 as the Brazilian went 9-1-1, his only loss, a decision at the hands of Thomas Hron (who ironically is the only man to defeat Silva, doing it also back in October 2008). Silva’s opponent, Tihamer Brunner, has some K-1 experience as well as a few MMA mights under his belt.

Attila Karacs (80-18-7) who fights with Hungarian Top Team and is a two time K-1 Hungary tournament champion will battle Adnan Redzovic, who is considered one of the best heavyweights in Bosnia.

Daniel Ghita (39-4-1) will meet Goran Radonjic from Montenegro. On August 11, 2009 Ghita broke Peter Aerts’ record of fastest K-1 World GP tournament by defeating all three of his opponents in total of 5 minutes and 15 seconds (@ 2009 K-1 World Grand Prix Final 16 Qualifying GP). Peter Aerts’ record at the time was 6:43 and stood for 10 years before Ghita’s milestone. Also interesting to note is that Ghita was a secret service agent assigned to protect the president of Romania.

IT’S SHOWTIME: Edition 40
Place: Budapest, Hungary
Date: April 17th, 2010

Tihamer Brunner vs Anderson “Braddock” Silva (28-2-1)
Attila Karacs (80-18-7) vs Adnan Redzovic
Barnabas Szucs vs Yavuz Kayabasi
Imre Zsolt vs Murthel Groenhart
Csaba Gyorfi vs Dmitri Shakuta or Cosmo Alexandre
Daniel Ghita (39-4-1) vs Goran Radonjic
Zsolt Zatureczky vs Sander Duyvis


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2 Responses to “Preview: It’s Showtime: Edition 40 ~ Budapest (Apr.17.2010)”

  1. Goran Radonjic is not Croatian, he’s from Montenegro.

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