Results: K-1 Kick Tournament in Marseille (Jan.29.2010)

The young Nicolas Wamba (41-5-0), 21, was victorious in the K-1 Kick Heavyweight Tournament on Friday, January 29 in Marseille. In the -75kg K-1 JMAX Qualification Tournament, Portuguese fighter José Barradas took home top honours.

Wamba defeated Cyril Nicolas Ascencio in the first round and in the finals he met Fabrice Aurieng, winner of the 2009 tournament. After an intense battle. Nicolas Wamba, son of former world champion English Anaclet, snatched a victory on points.

In the -75kg J-MAX Tournament, José Barradas was the winner. He defeated Paolo Iry (Team Pascal Ducros) who got injured (dislocated knee) during the match and then he met and went on to defeat Mirza Hodzic (Team Pontissalien) finals.

In the STAR-FIGHT Superfight, “K-1 Italy Grand Prix 2001 in Milan Finalist” Rani Berbachi (107-17-0) defeated Frederic Sinistra on points.

K-1 Kick Tournament 2010 in Marseilles
Place: Salle Vallier de Marseille, France
Date: January 29th, 2010

[Heavyweight STAR-FIGHT]
Rani Berbachi 106-17-0 (France) beat Frederic Sinistra 45-5-0 (Belgium) via Points

[Heavyweight Tournament – K1 Rules]
Final: Nicolas Wamba (40-5-0) beat Fabrice Aurieng (64-4-0) via Points
Semi Final: Nicolas Wamba (40-5-0) (France) beat Cyril Nicolas Ascencio (13-3-0) (France), via Points
Semi Final: Fabrice Aurieng (64-4-0) (France) beat Gonzalo Salgado (12-2-0) via Points
Reserve: Nordine Mahiedine beat Sofiane Azi via Freeze Injury.

[Tournament K-1 JMAX Qualification -75Kg]
Final: José Barradas (58-18-0) (Portugal) beats Mirza Hodzic (22-6-0) (France) via KO (3rd round)
Semi Final: Mirza Hodzic (22-6-0) (France) beat Walid Haddad via Points.
Semi Final: José Barradas (58-18-0) (Portugal) beat Paolo Iry via Injury

[Prestige Fights]
Michael  Adamandopoulos 27-5-0 (France) beat Michael Mocci 19-8-0 (France) via TKO (referee stoppage)
Fabien Vichi 30-10-0 (France) vs. Maximo Barron 25-10-0 (Italy) ended in a Draw
Yoan Havan 40-6-0 (France) beat Maxime Dansan (points)


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