Results: 2010 European Jiu-Jitsu Championships

Results from the “2010 European Jiu-Jitsu Championships” are now available. The tournament took place in Lisbon Portugal between January 28th-31th 2010. .We can report that Fabio Gurgel (Alliance) won the gold medal in the (Adult) Black Belt Heavyweight division and Gustavo Campos (Atos) won the gold in the (Adult) Black Belt Absolute division. “Alliance” was the overall Adult Academy winner. The Houston International Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship is the next event on the schedule, which takes place March 6th, 2010. That will be followed by the 2010 Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championship, April 8th-11th from Irvine California.

You can checkout the video of the Black Belt Absolute Finals between Gustavo Campos vs Rodrigo Calvacca below.

You can see the full results here

Final Standings – Black Belt (Adult)

Weight Class Winner
Rooster 1st: Bruno Malfacin (Alliance)
2nd: Wekcilley Cruz (Atos)
3rd: Andrea Verdemare (Tribe JJ Roma)
Light Feather 1st: Laercio Fernandes (Atos)
2nd: Pablo Silva (Gracie Barra)
3rd: Laercio Fernandes (Cia Paulista)
Feather 1st: Rafael Mendes (Atos)
2nd: Renan Borges (Brazilian Top Team)
3rd: Wellington Dias (Gracie Humaita)
Light 1st: Lucas Lepri (Alliance)
2nd:Michael Langhi (Alliance)
3rd: Jonathan Torres (Lloyd Irvin)
Middle 1st: Gustavo Campos (Atos)
2nd: Rodrigo Caporal (Atos)
3rd: Rogel Monsalve (Alliance)
Medium Heavy 1st: Tarsis Humpreys (Alliance)
2nd: Rogel Monsalve (Gracie Barra Hungria)
3rd: Vitor Toledo (Atos)
Heavy 1st: Fabio Gurgel (Alliance)
2nd: Bernardo Faria (Alliance)
3rd: Igor Silva (Brasa)
Super Heavy 1st: Ricardo Abreu (Nova União)
2nd: Fernando de Piero (Alliance)
3rd: Luiz Fernando Mendonca (Erosion BJJ)
Ultra Heavy 1st: Rodrigo Cavaca (Checkmat BJJ)
2nd: Antonio Peinado (Alliance)
3rd:Reinaldo Ribeiro (Checkmat BJJ)
Absolute 1st: Gustavo Campos (Atos)
2nd: Rodrigo Cavaca (Checkmat BJJ)
3rd: Bernardo Faria (Alliance)

Academy Results:


1- Alliance
2- Checkmat BJJ
3- Gracie Barra

Master and Senior:

1- Checkmat BJJ
2- Alliance
3- BJJ Revolution Team


1- Alliance
2- Gracie Humaitá
3- Gavião


1- Ilan Turjeman Academy
2- Gracia Barra
3- Brazilian Top Team


1- Alliance
2- Gracie Barra
3- Checkmat BJJ


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