Results: The Ivan Yariguin Grand Prix ~ FILA Wrestling (Jan.29-31, 2010)

The first FILA Wrestling Golden Grand Prix of the season for freestyle and female wrestling and took place in Krasnoyarsk (RUS) on 29-31 January 2010. The Ivan Yariguin Grand Prix has become a major event in the FILA calendar, attracting an increasing number of participants. 250 wrestlers from 22 countries are now competitin in Krasnoyarsk. European Junior Champion 2008 Yuri Belonovskaya won the 96 kg weight category and the Absolute Ivan Yarygin Cup much to the delight of local fans of Krasnoyarsk.


Absolute Cup Ivan Yarygin
1. Yuri Belonovskaya (Russia)
2. Alex Shemarov (Belarus)
3. Fatih Chakyroglu (Turkey)
4. George Keto (Rosiya)

Up to 120 kg.
1. Aleksey Shemarov (Belarus)
2. Fatih Chakyroglu (Turkey)
3. Alan Dzampaev & Cyril Gotovtsev (both – Russia)

Up to 96 kg.
1. Yuri Belonovskaya
2. Shamil Akhmedov
3. George Keto and Aslanbek Aliyev (all – Russia)

Up to 84 kg.
1. Abdusalam Gadisov
2. Anzor Urishev
3. Soslan Ktsoev and George Ruban (all – Russia)

Up to 74 kg.
1. Denis Tsargush
2. Alexander Gostev
3. Anuar Guesde and Kamal Malikov (all – Russia)

Up to 66 kg.
1. Magomedmurad Hajiyev
2. Adam Batirov
3. Hasan Magomedov (all – Russia) and Andrei Stadnik (Ukraine)

Up to 60 kg.
1. Vasily Fedorishin (Ukraine)
2. Hiroyuki Oda (Japan)
3. Victor Banzaraktsaev (Russia) and Noriyuki Takatsuka (Japan)

Up to 55 kg.
1. Yang Chung-Il (North Korea)
2. Nariman Israpilov
3. Viktor Lebedev (both – Russia) and Hidenori Taoka (Japan)


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