Results: Paris Grand Slam 2010 (Judo)

This past weekend, the International Judo Federation made their first stop on the Grand Slam tour circuit with an event in Paris France.

The French fans packed Bercy with over 10,000 in attendance and were not disappointed when their biggest star was crowned again: Teddy Riner, only 20 years old, won his third consecutive title in the heavyweights at the IJF Paris Grand Slam.

Elco van der Geest (100kg), who now competes under the flag of Belgium after a life long time fighting for Holland. won his first medal in the Paris tournament.

Still in the male divisions, Takashi Ono (JPN) reigned in the 90kg category, his third consecutive Grand Slam win (after Moscow 2009 and Tokyo 2009). In Paris 2009, he won silver.

In the 70kg Woman’s division, Lucie Decosse of France continued her stellar career performance. The gold won on the mat in the home country was the sixth for her collection, as she already has the ones from 2001-04-06-08-09.

Out of 226 fights, 132 ended with ippon (58%) in the male divisions, while out of 142 combats, 91 finished by ippon (64%). Seven contests were decided by hansokumake (disqualification) due to leg grabbing. A total of 19 countries (out of 55) won medals.

The full results can be found here. You can watch video here of the +100kg Mens Finals100kg Mens Final and -90kg Mens Finals.

The next IJF World Circuit event will be the Grand Prix in Dusseldorf/GER, on the 20-21 February.

Weight Class Final Standings (Men)
1. RINER, Teddy    (FRA)

2. VUIJSTERS, Grim    (NED)
3. KIM, Sung-Min    (KOR)
3. PADAR, Martin    (EST)

-100kg 1. VAN DER GEEST, Elco    (BEL)
2. SAMOYLOVICH, Sergey    (RUS)
3. PETERS, Dimitri    (GER)
3. TSIREKIDZE, Irakli    (GEO)
-90kg 1. ONO, Takashi    (JPN)
2. CHORIEV, Dilshod    (UZB)
3. BENIKHLEF, Amar    (ALG)
3. CAMILO, Tiago    (BRA)
-81kg 1. GUILHEIRO, Leandro    (BRA)
2. TSIKLAURI, Levan    (GEO)
3. STEVENS, Travis    (USA)
3.  JEANNIN, Antoine    (FRA)
-73kg 1. WANG, Ki-Chun    (KOR)
2. AKIMOTO, Hiroyuki    (JPN)
3. AWANO, Yasuhiro    (JPN)
3. IBRAGIMOV, Rinat    (KAZ)
60kg 1. KIM, Joo-Jin    (KOR)
2. SANJAASUREN, Miaragchaa    (MGL)
3. HASHBAATAR, Tsagaanbaatar    (MGL)
3. LAROSE, David    (FRA)
-60kg 1. ASUMBANI, David    (GEO)
2. SOBIROV, Rishod    (UZB)
3. DRAGIN, Dimitri    (FRA)
3. FUKUOKA, Masaaki    (JPN)

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