Sumo: 2010 Hatsu Basho (Jan 10th – Jan 24th)

The January 2010 Hatsu Basho is complete, here is a final tournament overview by GoForkYourself:


Asashoryu had a lukewarm practice sessions coming in to the basho and if i remember correctly, mentioned injuries as being potentially difficult. but he was able to work through that and have a great tournament, and maybe most importantly was able to bounce back well after he carelessly dropped a match on the fifth day.

Baruto despite the image above had a fantastic basho. he beat all three ozeki that were participating, and a yokozuna, and had a better record than any of the ozeki. this tournament will go a long way toward his ozeki promotion, and a great tournament next time should bump him up to the second highest rank.

Aran had a nice tournament this time as well, getting 10 wins. this is after having four losing tournaments in a row, the first tournament in that losing streak being a 4-11 one if i remember correctly. he was ranked very high for that tournament, and i still don’t think he’s ready to be at the very top of the maegashira ranks, but he did well this time and i think he’ll be improving a lot. and with his recently disclosed successful cancer treatment, his improvement could start to be pretty dramatic.


Kotomitsuki had an absolutely disastrous tournament, and the less said about it the better. his comment after day 6 said it all. “i’m ok but my sumo is terrible.”

Hakuho fell apart in the way that his fellow yokozuna often does in this tournament. he’s normally very focused, but he just made lazy mistakes a few times in this tournament and paid for it. i expect him to not make the same mistakes next tournament, but when you consider that after one tournament he has one less loss than he had all year 2009, it was clearly a disaster.

This was a pretty historic tournament, with Kaio claiming the record for most career wins, Asashoryu taking sole possession of third place among Yusho winners, and veteran Ozeki Chiyotaikai’s retirement.

The next Basho starts mid-March, and it should be really interesting to see how Baruto does, and if Asashoryu can build on this success.

2010 Hatsu Basho

preview by GoForkYouself:

quick thoughts on the banzuke:

iwakiyama and homasho are low enough in the ranks that they should have good, winning tournaments. mokonami may be a bit too high to get a winning record, but he had 9 wins last tournament at m13, and he could get 8 at m11. tochinoshin and miyabiyama are both getting a big chance here to show what they’re made of. i think they’ll both have trouble so high up, they got great records at mid-maegashira, but i don’t think they can do the same at the top of the maegashira ranks. sekiwake chiyotaikai will be interesting, and his counterpart baruto is going to be trying to start his momentum for ozeki promotion all over again from square one.

Final Day – 2010 January Grand Sumo Tournament

Hakuho prevailed in an all-yokozuna showdown to take the gloss off Asashoryu’s 25th championship win on the final day of the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament on Sunday. Hakuho continues to dominate against Asashoryu winning with 7th straight.

Gagamaru (12-3) held on to win the second division Juryo.

Makuuchi Division Champion

West Yokozuna Asashoryu (13-2)
Date of Birth: September 27, 1980 (29 years old)
Place of Birth: Mongolia
Debut: 1999 January

Juryo Division Champion
East #13 Gagamaru (12-3)

Date of Birth: February 23, 1987 (22 years old)
Place of Birth: Georgia
Debut: 2005 November

Day 14 – 2010 January Grand Sumo Tournament Leaders

Asashoryu sent Harumafuji sprawling to the dirt surface with an arm throw in Saturday’s final bout at Ryogoku Kokugikan to improve to 13-1 and secure the Emperor’s Trophy with one day left in the 15-day tournament. Harumafuji fell to 10-4.

It was Asashoryu’s 25th title overall and first since the fall tournament in 2009. Mongolian Hakuho and Estonian Baruto both won and improved to 11-3 but saw their title hopes dashed when Asashoryu overpowered Harumafuji.

Asashoryu moves into 3rd place for lifetime top division tournament victories behind legendary wrestlers Chiyonofuji (31) and Taihō (32)

(after the 14th day)

* Makuuchi

1L Asashoryu
3L Hakuho, Baruto, Toyohibiki
4L Harumafuji, Aminishiki

* Juryo

3L Gagamaru

Day 13 – 2010 January Grand Sumo Tournament Leaders

Hakuho (10-3) dropped another match today and there is now in a four-way tie for second along with Harumafuji ((10-3), Baruto (10-3) and Toyohibiki (10-3) -who were all victories. Asashoryu (12-1) produced a classy win over Kotooshu and zeroed in on his 25th Emperor’s Cup on Friday

(after the 13th day)

* Makuuchi
1L Asashoryu
3L Hakuho, Harumafuji, Baruto, Toyohibiki
4L Aminishiki, Wakanosato, Iwakiyama

* Juryo
3L Sakaizawa, Gagamaru

Day 12 – 2010 January Grand Sumo Tournament Leaders

On day 12 of the Hatsu Basho, Asashoryu took sole possession of first place after Hakuho dropped a second loss. In the Juryo division,Gagamaru now shares first place with Sakaiawa.

(after the 12th day)

* Makuuchi
1L Asashoryu
2L Hakuho
3L Harumafuji, Baruto, Aminishiki, Toyohibiki

* Juryo
3L Sakaizawa, Gagamaru

Day 11 – 2010 January Grand Sumo Tournament Leaders

Day 11, and Hakuba, Aminishiki and Baruto all dropped their 3rd loss. Hakuho and Asashoryu continue to lead the tournament with one loss.

(after the 11th day)
* Makuuchi
1L Hakuho, Asashoryu
3L Kotooshu, Harumafuji, Baruto, Aminishiki, Aran, Tosayutaka, Hakuba, Toyohibiki
4L Tamawashi, Wakanosato, Iwakiyama, Kitataiki
* Juryo
2L Gagamaru

Day 10 – 2010 January Grand Sumo Tournament Leaders

It’s the home stretch of the January Grand Sumo Tournament in Japan. Hakuho and Asashoryu both lead with a single loss. Gagamaru, from the country of Georgia lead’s the second division Juryo with two loses.

(after the 10th day)
* Makuuchi
1L Hakuho, Asashoryu
2L Baruto, Aminishiki, Hakuba
3L Kotooshu, Harumafuji, Wakanosato, Aran, Tosayutaka, Kitataiki, Toyohibiki
* Juryo
2L Gagamaru


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